NAM NATIONALS is in 13 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!
I've been working so hard recently getting everything ready and packed, and this includes getting in shape. I'm trying to make really healthy food choices, make working out a natural part of my day, and forcing myself to get some sleep. With three tests before I leave, the last one is sometimes the hardest.
But I'd like to focus on working out because that's something I've struggled with before in getting ready for pageants. I don't work out to necessary lose weight. I do it to get in shape and feel better. Yes, it's always an extra bonus when the dress fits a little bit better or the suit hangs in a different way but working out is meant to keep your entire body healthy, body and soul. When the stress of school and my schedule get a little too much, I've recently found an escape by hopping on the treadmill and blasting some music. However, in previous years this has been a struggle as my endurance was low and I was quickly out of breath.
This year is different and for awhile, I didn't understand why I wasn't dying. Then it hit me: I bike everywhere on campus. The University of Minnesota has such a large campus and for these last couple months, my path has literally been a triangle across campus most days. There was just no way I could walk or take the bus across campus because I didn't have the time. Instead, I've been biking everywhere. To class, work, and back home. Because I bike everyday, most days totaling between 30 and 40 minutes, my stamina has increased. And that means when I get to running on the treadmill or doing a stair step climber, I can do it!
So here's to being healthy, working out, and a prayer for no snow so I can continue to bike on campus until Nationals. Which, by the way, is only 13 days out. 13! That's less than two weeks. Wow, 13 days and I'm in California. 13 days until I see palm trees. 13 days to get everything packed, forms filled out, garments altered. 13 days! (Can you guess what's on my mind?)

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