I've totally been working hard. Balancing preparing for NAM and work, I've found a little time but not much to go outside and enjoy summer. That wouldn't matter as much because currently we're going through a hot day/stormy night stage. Typical Minnesota. Don't like the weather? Wait 5 minutes.
What I have been doing with my time is worth mentioning more. As the oldest queen, I'm excited to play an active role in planning and leading the events of the year. I've had some amazing Minnesota Miss queens as rolemodels (cough Jackie cough Lindsey) and I hope to do a great job just like them. I know it may be strange, but I have been in only a few parades in my pageant experience so I'm really trying to set up a lot this year. Let's just say whoever my pageant sisters are had better be ready for a busy year!
On another note, I'm already seeing some of the other Miss queens get crowned at state pageants on Facebook and I can't believe I still have over a MONTH until I get my crown. I feel like a cat, ready to pounce and get this pageant-filled year off to a great start.
I've actually already been preparing for Nationals and I may have some really important pieces already...but I can't say anything more yet. It makes sense to prepare early because although I'm only 20 minutes away while I'm living on campus during the school year, I've heard it's a bit of a challenge to prepare for a pageant in college. I'd much rather get everything nailed down now and not do the last minute freak out that usually happens.
Another pageant nerd detail is that NAM changed the logo on the back of the sashes last year and I'm super excited to get my Miss sash that has that logo on it. Nerd excitement, I know.

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