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Preparing for a National competition is a lot of work and in my case, a lot of time driving from college to home in the suburbs. It's planning, organizing, rehearsing, working out, eating healthy, and LOTS of talking to yourself in the car (Personal Introduction, Spokesmodel, Interviewing myself etc.). On top of that I'm also preparing to miss 4 days of school which is a LOT in college. This week I have two tests and lots of reading to try to stay up with or even get ahead. In all, it's a lot to do and at times can feel like my To-Do list is never going to get done. However, with such amazing people in my life, I've been given that something extra to keep me going.
Below are just a few reasons I'm having a fabulous week.

  • I talk about Nationals at least 10 times a day. All of my sorority sisters are just as excited as I am about Nationals. I love talking about the week to come and everything I'll be doing.When you're part of a family that supports each other and genuinely cares about one another, you have the love and encouragement of over 100 women.
  • I just won a photo contest! On a whim I entered a contest at my college for submissions of photos abroad (specifically maroon and gold, our school colors). When I was in France I ended up taking this great picture and when I saw the contest, I knew just the one to enter.
  • This Friday is a very special time for our entire chapter because it's when our new members officially become Alpha Chi Omega sisters! It's a lot to get ready for, but I know I will leave the night even more in love with each and every woman in my chapter (if that's possible) because of the special bond we have. 
All this paired with the fact I'm now 100% packed and ready for Nationals, I know I can make it through until Saturday when I get to leave this crazy Minnesota cold behind and head to the land of dreams!

Holly Link
11/14/2012 09:24:44

Hey, Britt, Congrats on the photo contest!


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