Sophie & I know it, do you? MN ROCKS!
We'll be waiting for you at check-in!
Let's dance! Get pumped for the Opening Production Number
So who is ready for an INCREDIBLE weekend? I've been counting down in my planner for months and NAM Minnesota state is finally here! Looking forward into this next weekend, I'd love to share some of my thoughts about competing that I have learned over my years at NAM.

  1. Go to win, but also go to enjoy: Ken Maples explained it best my first year with NAM. Only one girl will walk away with the crown this weekend. Only one out of so many accomplished, poised, and energetic girls. Her year will be amazing but eventually the roses will die, the crown and sash packed into a box and scrapbooks put on shelves. It's the memories, experiences, and above all the friendships that never fade. I may not be able to tell you exactly how i placed in casual wear in 2008, but I can tell you that year was when I started to get to know Jackie Bordes and we've been friends ever since. 
  2. Plan and Practice: Follow the advice in the NAM magazines. Make a checklist for packing and double check you have everything! White tennis shoes are something I always seem to forget (and now I have about 4 pair that my mom has bought for me last minute). Practice your Personal Intro, Casual Wear, Spokesmodel, Actress etc. so you're comfortable and ready to rock that stage. Basically, make it easy on yourself so you can enjoy the weekend instead of panicking.
  3. Take care of yourself before: You know you better than anyone. If the best way to relax and get ready is doing yoga, do yoga. If you relax by whipping up come great cookies, get baking. For me it's nails and tanning. It's my time to mentally prepare and get looking my best! If you're looking for tanning, check out my sponsor, Just Julie Marie Airbrush Tanning.
  4. Be confident in yourself: Don't worry about other girls competing in your division. YOU do the best you can and I'll bet you anything you'll learn something about yourself this weekend.

So excited to see you at NAM Minnesota State Pageant!

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